[Sunday] PC Gamers Are Burning Nvidia Over 4090 Meltdown Cable | Job Binary

You know that plug your oven uses? That’s what the RTX 4090 needs.

Nvidia released the GeForce RTX 4090 this month, and while very few can afford or own the massive new GPU, a few have been able to report some strange things with the 4090’s power requirements. Gamers Nexus noted that the 4090 suffers from transient power spikes that were not typical for graphics cards, and now reports that these spikes can sometimes melt the 4090’s power connectors.

The problem here is pretty simple: the RTX 4090 needs a lot of power to do all the millions of calculations per second it does, and all that power goes to a cable that’s reduced to just a few pins. Pour too much juice through a line that isn’t big enough and it will get hot enough to melt.


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Of course, a video card that catches fire is bad. In your case a fire can cost not only your video card, but also all the other expensive components that go into a gaming rig. So PC gamers are inclined to help Nvidia fix this issue as soon as possible.

Those suggestions range from changing the RTX 4090’s power connector to a slightly stiffer one (like the same plug you’d find on an electric stove) to insert more pins into the connection port. Others are direct connections to overhead power lines with the necessary gauge to handle next-generation computing tasks.

This being the internet, most are burning Nvidia to release an ultra-horny video card with a fatal flaw to catch fire. Nvidia is said to have delayed or canceled the RTX 4090 Ti because of this, so maybe the 4090 was at the point where Nvidia considered it safe.

Nvidia says it has contacted the people who posted photos of the melted 4090 power connectors, but so far has not made any announcements. I would advise gamers not to overclock the new 4090 until they know it is safe.

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