Terraria becomes the first indie hit to break 1M positive user reviews on Steam | Job Binary

We liked Terraria so much we reviewed it twice: once in 2011 (Opens in a new tab)when it was new, and again in 2018 (Opens in a new tab), when we found it to be “one of the best adventures out there yet.” If that’s not enough proof of both its quality and durability, Terraria has received over a million positive reviews on Steam, becoming the first indie game to do so.

One of the big reasons for Terraria’s enduring popularity is undoubtedly developer Re-Logic’s relentless support of the game and its players. Its ‘last’ update (Opens in a new tab) It launched in May 2020, nine years after the game’s original release, but then another “real last update” (Opens in a new tab) It came out in October, and then there were more updates in 2021. There were even more updates in 2022, the last one less than a month ago. (Opens in a new tab)and at this point I don’t think anyone is even pretending that any of these updates will be finished.

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