The Alien Isolation mod adds four more Aliens for some reason | Job Binary

When it comes to games that fall short, Alien: Isolation is right up there. All you need for the best Alien game ever is a massive space station in the atmosphere, some humans and androids, and a deadly Alien that hunts you from start to finish. All that said, the problem of a sequel arose after the first film and, as urban legend has it, James Cameron’s solution was to simply go to the ideas board and add an “s” to “Alien.”

Such is the case with Aliens: isolation, By modder Zyr0511A mod pack that does almost the same thing (thank you, PCGN). It aims to make the game even scarier and more challenging than it already is, as well as adding a bunch of visual and AI mods that further enhance its pants-wetting potential. It has three modes of play, it seems, from “very deadly” to “you will die”.

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