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Mini PCs have a compact nature, which is their advantage, so we are looking for a mini PC size that does not deviate from this initial nature; minimum no more than 8 x 8 inches and no more than 3 inches high.

We defined our storage configuration preferences early on; we need to use a solid state drive rather than a hard drive. The spinning hard drive fan will hinder the performance speed of the mini PC. So we specified at least 256 GB SSD or nothing.

Mini PCs are mostly used for basic tasks, and according to our team of computer scientists, 8GB of RAM is the minimum option that can be properly accommodated.

We pay attention to the tasks that small desktops generally perform, of which the 10th or 11th generation Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen are our flagship CPUs to accommodate them.

Energy efficient
It is well known that mini PCs excel in energy efficiency as mini desktop processors do not consume as much power as a single PC.

Price vs. quality
The mini desktop size is not inferior to all-in-ones in terms of price. Even with the upgrade space available on the Mini PC, you can get quality that beats an all-in-one and cost less.

the noise
Due to the smaller size of the all-in-one, the mini PC fan will be a more audible thing. However, most of our selections are designed to have noticeable noise.

The power
Even when used for heavy work, Mini PCs are more energy efficient.

USB ports
In general, mini PCs will offer at least four ports, of which good mini PC models will offer USB Type-C Thunderbolt ports.

Keyboard/mouse/audio configuration compatibility
Considering you need to provide your own keyboard, screen, mouse, and even audio accessories, we’ve made sure to go with models that offer wide compatibility. Selected mini PCs offer keyboard, mouse and headphone ports.

PC use
Mini PCs can generally be relied upon for everyday tasks such as handling word processing documents, editing photos and videos, and playing simple games like Minecraft.

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