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The mother of an Anaheim man allegedly killed by a co-worker has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the wealth management business where they both worked, accusing a Newport Beach firm of negligently hiring the suspected killer to curry favor with her mother. at that time he was a minister in the Egyptian government.

Rami Fahim – The man accused of killing Griffin Robert Cuomo and Jonathan Andrew Bach on April 19, 2022 in their apartment near Angel Stadium has been given the green light to “harass, threaten and threaten” his Pence colleagues. wealth management in the months leading up to the killings, according to a civil complaint filed in Orange County Superior Court.

Cuomo, whose mother Wendy is suing in a wrongful-death lawsuit, is among the staffers Faheem is accused of threatening. The complaint alleges that Fahim was recruited and protected by the firm’s executives because his mother, Nabila Makram, was Egypt’s minister of immigration and expatriate affairs and was a friend of Laila Pence, president and founder of Pence Wealth Management.

The suit also names Advanced Real Estate Services, which owns and manages the apartments where the killings took place, accusing them of allowing Faheem to spend long hours in the complex’s common areas in the evenings and early mornings. hours before the killing.

Officials with Pence Wealth Management and Advanced Real Estate Services, as well as the attorney representing Faheem in his criminal case, did not respond to requests for comment on the wrongful-death lawsuit Wednesday.

Fahim, 26, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder in the ambush killings of Cuomo and Bachman, 23, both Chapman University graduates. Authorities have not commented on a suspected motive for the killings. Prosecutors have not decided on the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The newly filed civil complaint describes Faheem as suffering from a lifelong mental illness that “causes him significant difficulty in refraining from violence.” His mother – who at the time still served in a ministerial capacity in the Egyptian government – had a “close relationship” with Pence, the founder of a wealth management firm and herself an Egyptian immigrant, which was “characterized by the exchange of favors”. privileges,” the court said.

Ray Boucher, an attorney representing Cuomo’s mother, said Faheem was known by employees at the firm for his temper, which sometimes included pounding on tables or yelling at other employees. The attorney said it was unclear what prompted Fahim to turn his anger on Cuomo.

“Griffin was threatened by Ramey, and he joined the list of colleagues who were hurt or angry,” Boucher said. “For whatever reason, he gave it to Griffin and a few other employees.”

Boucher said he was able to track down Faheem Cuomo’s home address, including the exact apartment number, using the company’s employee records.

The court alleges that on the night of April 18, Faheem went to Cuomo’s Anaheim apartment complex, somehow gained access to what was recognized as a safe housing facility, and waited for Cuomo to leave the apartment. Cuomo’s roommate said Bachme had no previous contact with Fahim.

An apartment security guard spotted Fahim in the attic around midnight — six hours before the killing — but did not force him to leave, according to the lawsuit.

As he was getting ready to leave for work around 6:20 a.m., Cuomo sent his mother a picture of what he had worn to work that day. She responded by telling him she looked beautiful, her attorney said.

Moments later, Cuomo and Bachme left their apartment and entered a hallway when they were killed, the lawsuit alleges.

Boucher accused the wealth management firm’s executives of putting their friendship with Faheem’s mother ahead of the safety of their employees, and the apartment complex’s owners of failing to deliver on promises of safety and security and selling out tenants.

According to Egyptian media reports, Fahim’s mother, Nabila Makram, was replaced in a government post in August in a surprise cabinet reshuffle. A few months ago, he said that his son’s arrest did not affect his ability to perform public duties.

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