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When we visit a central bank, all we have in mind is money exchange. However, some sets of banknotes and coins are becoming popular among tourists. The UAE Currency Museum, inaugurated in late 2013 to celebrate the central bank’s 40th anniversary, is located on the ground floor of the central bank’s Abu Dhabi headquarters. Let’s see more details about this interesting unique museum.

The fascinating stories of the UAE Currency Museum

UAE Currency Museum

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The UAE Currency Museum displays a wide variety of items that predate the union of the UAE. You can also view various paper notes and gold and silver coins, including ancient Indian rupees and Saudi and Qatari riyals, through glass panels.

This remarkable exhibition offers fascinating details of the establishment of the dirham as the official national currency of the United Arab Emirates in 1973. The museum also tells the story of the printing of the first series of banknotes in 1976. It also deals with the history of money in this region.

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Tips for getting to know the museum

UAE Currency Museum

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If you love money, this place will fascinate you on another level. Printed notes and coins were carefully placed to make the observation interesting. It takes no more than 30 minutes to get to know the museum. Considering the UAE’s trade history just by observing currency types makes it sound like a plan. And not only money, but the related machines are present in this museum to be observed. The showcase also has old money counting devices and money sorting machines.

But as mentioned above, the museum is located near the central bank, where the Mint is fully operational. So even if the entry is free, you should book in advance.

Security guards will guide you safely through the bank towards the museum.

So plan your trip to the mint to understand the history of UAE currency.

Where: Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi
When: mon-sun from 11 am to 11 pm

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