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One of the most famous pageants in the world, Miss Universe, is proud to renew its logo – Miss Universe, Pretty reliable. Led by two powerful women, CEO of MUO Amy Emmerich and CEO of MUO Paula Shugart, the organization proudly announces, “We are excited to share the evolution of our tagline with you. In its origin, Miss World come to recognize the most beautiful and confident women. Our organization has a legacy of strong women’s leadership, and our evolution speaks to that rich heritage. Now, as the organization continues to grow, we know that beauty is about who we are and how we present it, Boldly Beautiful. ”

With a vision to inspire ‘Beauty Confidence’ women worldwide, the organization sent out a slogan, “The Miss Universe Organization is here to advocate for the future of women’s beauty. We believe that a confident woman can change the world, and the first step is showing up as your true beautiful self. ”

Explaining what the beautiful courage meant to her, the queen of the kingdom, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, said, “To me, being cheeky means you’re not afraid to be yourself. I think there’s beauty in being fearless in your convictions, and I hope women everywhere can see and feel that they’re pretty confident.

The Miss Universe Organization celebrates women of all backgrounds, cultures, and traditions and empowers them to realize their dreams through experiences that build self-confidence and opportunities for success. Tomorrow to start a journey of advocacy for a future created by women, they added, “The Miss Universe Ambassador is always intelligent, innovative, courageous and empowered by her beliefs while also determined to respect the rights , differences and respect of others. Our agents build strong social foundations around the world that promote a sense of belonging. ”


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