UAE: Vigil held to mourn the loss of murdered Abu Dhabi-based Pakistani expatriate Sarah Inam – News | Job Binary

Friends and colleagues say they cried and laughed while sharing their moments and stories about him

Published: Fri 30.9.2022, 10.29

Last updated: Fri 30.9.2022, 13.53

Community members, friends and colleagues held a field trip in memory of Abu Dhabi resident Sarah Inam, who was murdered in Pakistan last week.

Emotions ran high as Inami’s friends and colleagues cried and laughed as they shared their moments and stories about Inami, saying they felt closer to him.

Kamilah Khatib and Abeer Amiri, Inam’s former colleagues, hosted an in-person and virtual candlelight vigil in memory of their dear friend on Wednesday, September 28, coinciding with his burial in Pakistan.

More than 60 friends and colleagues of the deceased attended the vigil. Loved ones from Canada, Pakistan and Great Britain attended virtually.

Sarah Inam, an economist who lived in the United Arab Emirates for almost 14 years, was buried in Islamabad.

Sara’s father Inam Rahim also burst into tears during the funeral and demanded justice for his daughter.

Friends and colleagues are also calling for justice for the 38-year-old Pakistani-Canadian woman who was murdered by her husband Shahnawaz. The couple was married for only three months.

Sarah had a passion for history, economics and religion, and was an avid reader and thinker. Friends and colleagues recalled that Sarah Inam was a kind and gentle person who wanted nothing more than to find love and start a family.

“During such a devastating time, it was heartwarming to have all her friends from around the world and from different stages of her life come together to remember the kind, funny and sweet woman she was. It allowed us to share our favorite memories, but also just remember the little things he did every day. The way she greeted everyone as ‘lovely’ or the way she covered her mouth with her scarf when she was embarrassed,” said Stephen Nash, who worked with Inami at Deloitte.

“While we mourn this profound loss, we must continue to raise our voices for Sarah and fight for justice,” Nash added.

Abeer Amiri said the Vigil gave all the people a sense of connection to Sarah Inam as they could not attend her funeral to pay their respects.

“As Sarah’s loved ones from around the world shared stories about her, her beautiful nature and her kind heart, I felt in that moment that she was with us and could feel all the love we will forever have for her. We are all hurt by this news, he said.

Kamilah Khatib sharing stories about Sarah was difficult.

– We cried, but we also laughed when we remembered his funny, intelligent, curious and kind friend. No matter who told her/his story, Sarah was remembered as the beautiful soul we all knew. Through control, we feel a little lighter and much closer to him. Rest in peace angel,” said Khatib.

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