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The instructions have been drawn up to ensure the safety of both consumers and suppliers and to improve quality standards in the tourism industry

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Published: Thu 13.10.2022, 17:57

Last updated: Fri 14.10.2022, 18.17

The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority has issued new rules for the sale of alcoholic beverages, giving establishments six months to comply.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) has specified the technical and ingredient requirements for alcoholic beverages in an advisory to distribution companies and retail managers.

These instructions have been developed to ensure the safety of both consumers and suppliers.

According to the DCT policy, the alcohol content must be at least 0.5 percent. Wine must not have the taste or smell of vinegar, while beer must not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors except for caramel.

“The product must be manufactured and handled under appropriate hygienic conditions,” it added.

Drinks should also be packaged in clean containers that can “protect it from contamination and damage.”

All information about ingredients, origin, manufacturer, shelf life and alcohol percentages must be stated on the label.

The rules also covered other details about the types of alcohol used – as well as packaging, transport and storage.

Retailers and distribution companies have six months to make the necessary adjustments. Legal action must be taken against violators.


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