Valve edits Steam Deck trailer to remove Nintendo Switch emulator icon | Job Binary

Valve posted an upbeat Steam Deck video on Thursday, announcing that its handheld gaming PC is finally available for pre-order. (Opens in a new tab). The video celebrated the arrival of the Steam Deck dock and OS improvements that make Decks work better with external displays. But game Twitter news Nibellion (Opens in a new tab) The Steam Deck library also saw something surprising in Valve’s video: an icon for the Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator (Opens in a new tab). You can see it above, hanging next to Hades in the list of recent games on the home screen.

After Nibellion’s tweet received a couple of thousand retweets on Friday morning, Valve took down the video and uploaded a new version. (Opens in a new tab) Without seeing Yuzu. Original video (Opens in a new tab) is now set to private.

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