Wealth Enhancement Group grows by adding $677 million in client assets with the addition of Bohmer Kilcoyne Wealth Management, a hybrid RIA. | Job Binary

This addition brings Wealth Enhancement Group’s total client assets to more than $57.3 billion.

MINNEAPOLIS, September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Wealth Enhancement Group, a national independent wealth management firm $57.3 billion by total client assets, today announced the acquisition of Bohmer Kilcoyne Wealth Management, a hybrid RIA. Cincinnati, OH. Bohmer Kilcoyne Wealth Management has a team of three advisors and five support staff. Mike Bomer and John Kilcoyneover supervision $677 million in client assets.

“We look forward to welcoming Mike, John and their team to Wealth Enhancement Group. We are confident that their approach to providing services focused on understanding the financial and personal needs of our clients aligns with our mission,” said Jeff Decco, Chief Executive Officer. Wealth Enhancement Group. “Mike and John each bring 26 years of industry experience, and we look forward to leveraging their expertise to better serve our clients.”

Founded in 2001, Bohmer Kilcoyne Wealth Management has been a dedicated advocate for its clients. The Bohmer Kilcoyne team serves individuals and families, physicians, executives, business owners, non-profit groups, retirees and P&G expats.

“We are excited to partner with Wealth Enhancement Group to expand our offerings to our client base,” he said. Mike Bomer, Principal and Wealth Advisor at Bohmer Kilcoyne Wealth Management. “Joining forces will allow us to streamline administration and spend more time with our clients, which is our top priority. We also look forward to leveraging Wealth Enhancement Group’s solid growth programs to help us serve even more clients in the coming years.”

Bohmer Kilcoin’s comprehensive financial planning, wealth management, investment management, retirement income and distribution planning offerings are enhanced by the tools and expertise of the Wealth Enhancement Group.

“Our partnership with Bohmer Kilcoyne Wealth Management marks our entry into a key market that connects the Midwest and the East Coast,” he said. Jim Kahn, Chief Investment and Business Development Officer of Wealth Enhancement Group. “We look forward to this collaboration and continuing our momentum.”

ECHELON Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Bohmer Kilcoyne on the transaction.

About Wealth Enhancement Group

Wealth Enhancement Group is an independent wealth management firm providing comprehensive and customized financial planning and investment management services. Now serving more than 45,500 households, the company has more than 75 offices nationwide and is growing rapidly through organic growth and acquisitions. Founded in 1997, Wealth Enhancement Group specializes in providing retail clients with the team knowledge and resources they need to make their financial lives easier. For more information, visit www.weadenhancement.com.

Auction services are offered through Wealth Advisory Services, LLP (VEA), a registered investment advisor. Some, but not all, WEAS Investment Adviser Representatives (IARs) are registered representatives of LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC, and offer securities. The Connectivity Enhancement Group and Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services are LPL’s financial facilities. Communication Enhancement Group is a registered trademark of Wealth Enhancement Group, LLP.

Wealth Enhancement Group and its registered investment advisor, Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services, had client assets including $54.4 billion. $4 billion amount of brokerage assets August 31, 2022. Bohmer was more than Kilcoyne Wealth Management $677 million in client assets as the case may be May 27, 2022. With the addition of previously announced acquisitions and the acquisition of Bohmer Kilcoyement, the group has the advantage of increasing wealth $57.3 billion in client, advisory, trust and brokerage assets.

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