Wholesale passenger vehicle sales rose 92pc in September on strong festive demand | Job Binary

On the back of strong demand during the festive season, wholesale sales of passenger vehicles rose 92 percent to 3,07,389 units last month compared to the same month last year, the Association of Automobile Manufacturers of India said on Thursday.

Shipments from passenger vehicle (PV) factories to dealers were 1,60,212 units in September 2021.

According to the latest data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), two-wheeler sales also increased by 13 percent to 17,35,199 units as compared to 15,37,604 vehicles in September 2021.

Motorcycle sales rose 18 percent to 11,14,667 units as against 9,48,161 units in September 2021.

Scooter sales rose 9 percent to 5,72,919 units from 5,27,779 vehicles a year ago.

In the September quarter, PV sales increased by 38% to 10,26,309 units, compared to 7,41,442 units in the corresponding period last fiscal.

Similarly, two-wheeler sales rose 13 percent to 46,73,931 units compared to 41,36,484 units in the September quarter of last fiscal.

Total commercial vehicle sales rose 39 percent to 2,31,880 units from 1,66,251 units last year.

Total cross-category sales increased to 60,52,628 units as against 51,15,112 units in September last year.

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