Windows 365 brings your cloud computing directly to Windows 11 | Job Binary

Microsoft has announced that you will soon be able to use the Windows 365 app to directly access your cloud computing within Windows 11.

Microsoft continues to invest more in its cloud services, and at this year’s Ignite, it announced some news about its cloud PC offerings in Windows 365. Most notably, there’s a new Windows 365 app coming to Windows 11 via the Microsoft Store, which will make it easier to access your cloud computing from your existing PC.

For those who don’t know, Windows 365 is basically a virtual machine stored in the cloud. It looks and works like any other computer, but you can access it from anywhere because it’s cloud-based, and all your data and applications are available from anywhere. Currently, you need a web browser to access Windows 365, but with the new app, it will be more deeply integrated into Windows 11, making your cloud computer desktop available directly on the taskbar, as if it were a virtual desktop on your PC. Microsoft teased it earlier, but the Windows 365 app is now in preview for users to try out.

Microsoft also announced Windows 365 Government, a version of this service aimed at Government Community Cloud (GCC) and GCC-High customers, such as local, state and federal organizations. Microsoft also announced Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365, enabling licensed employees to access Windows 365 within their existing Citrix environment.

Moving away from Windows 365, Microsoft said that Windows’ organizational messaging – announced in April – will be available in preview in November. It’s a business capability that makes it easy for IT administrators to send messages directly to end users through Windows surfaces like the taskbar, making it easier to onboard new employees or focus on needed training.

On another note, the Test base solution for validating applications from different versions of Windows includes some new features, including the ability to test local upgrades by testing the compatibility of Windows 10 and Windows 11 applications in the same virtual machine. It will be available in preview in November. Another new feature is the ability to test monthly update channel versions of Microsoft 365 apps, which will be available in preview later this month.

Finally, Universal Print, the cloud-based printing solution for businesses, is also being updated with new delegated admin capabilities. This allows branch offices of a given company to manage the printers available at their location, making it easier to set up new printers without requiring a centralized IT team to do so. A preview will be available in early November. Additionally, the printer worksheet is getting some improvements to make it easier to diagnose problems with a printer, and will be available later this month.

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